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"Discover How You Can RECEIVE HEALTH, WEALTH And PROSPERITY, By Discovering Your Lucky Numbers And Aligning Yourself To Your Destiny"

... Through The Ancient Secret Science Of Chaldean Numerology!


From the desk of Biravar – The Master Numerologist

1st April, 2009


Dear Prosperity Seeker,

My name is S Uthayakumar Biravar… you can call me Biravar, and I've got TWO questions to ask that could change your life forever...

Are you tired of being Unlucky in Life and not receiving what you are worth Financially, Emotionally and Spiritually?

Despite putting in a lot of dedication to what you do, do you and still fall short of what you deserve in Life?


The thing that’s even more "bothering" than not being lucky is the feeling of a deep displeasure… sometimes even frustration and a sense of being “Lost”, not knowing what you should do with your life, without direction... How does that make you feel?

Not too good I suppose... I know it because I've been through it.

Too many of us have been “suffering in silence” to seek a solution for that “Unluckiness”. Sometimes it is Career related and you do all the work but someone else gets all the glory, credit and financial rewards.

Sometimes it is Love related and you seem to manifest loneliness and/or unfulfilling relationships. Perhaps the “right person” just doesn’t seem to appear in your life, or the person you are with just can’t seem to align with you.

Sometimes it is Health Related and you just wish that your health could be better. Other times, it is just that constantly feeling that your Luck is Down, like there are obstacles being placed in your life path every step of the way.



I'm not sure about you, but I've also experienced the following during my days of unluckiness:

  • I got backstabbed at my job
  • I got cheated of my money
  • Business deals just can’t seem to come to a profitable outcome
  • I seem to manifest the wrong people and relationships in life
  • I don’t seem to get good opportunities
  • I was constantly in a silent depression
  • But above all this… I was living a life of quiet desperation

The truth is though… I’m a really good and sincere person who seeks to provide good value and genuinely do my best in life!

Are you such a person too?

So why does Wealth and Prosperity still elude people like us?

... and I think you'll agree with me that:

We Really Want To Live A Life Where
Opportunities Align For Us, Easily!

That's why you'll be very excited to hear about the years of work, research and practice that I've done to become a Master Numerologist, putting down my years of experience of changing people’s life for the better, helping the identify their lucky numbers…

…compiled into a “Numerology and Your Prosperity” guide book, that helps you get your well deserved good luck and fortune, aligning your life to the universal providence, allowing you to live a life that is smoother...

Metaphorically speaking:

  • With the index finger of your right hand extended and your palm toward your face, point up at each eye.
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  • “When the things that sabotage your life are removed, your luck, prosperity and good fortune starts to emerge without resistance!”


    But don't just take my word for it, just ask the thousands of people that I've helped and they’ll reveal to you how their Wealth, Careers, Love Life and Life Directions have improved as a result of my assistance in aligning their lives using Chaldean Numerology!

    When I was young, I was not really interested in practicing divinity. Where I was born… (Singapore), these things were considered ancient / archaic and I wanted to become a businessman. I was doing very well in my business until one day it collapsed and I was devastated, lost and didn’t know what to do next in my life. I was looking for solutions…

    The banks were chasing me and life was simply not going smoothly. It was like staring at a blank wall… Not only financially, my love life suffered a downfall too. I was devastated both financially and romantically.

    At that time, I remember that when I was young, someone read my palm… saying that I should take up my ancestors’ profession and I laughed at him, saying “No Way”.

    This thought flashed through my mind during that down time but I was still stubborn and unwilling to follow that advice.

    One night I had a dream and in the dream, my grandfather told me to take up his profession to solve all my problems and also told me not to run away from my problems but instead… Face It!

    He said in my dream, “If you run away from your problem, they will become bigger and you will become smaller… BUT… if you turn and face them, you will become bigger and the problems will become smaller!”

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    Wise words right?

    The next day, a friend of mine came to me with his problem… It was a love problem and after examining his date of birth, I told him how to solve his existing relationship problem. At that time, he was very impressed with my answer… he said “You should take this up as a profession”… and is really impacted me a lot…

    That was when I realized that I cannot run away from my destiny. I didn’t realized how much impact I had on my friend and how I solved his problem…  but I realized that I had a gift that came from a line of divinity practitioners and their blessing were upon me to continue the work of a Healer.

    Funny thing though, when I talked to my dad about the dream of my grandfather, he said that when he was young… His father (my grandfather) told him that he will not be a divinity worker but he would bear a son that would carry on the lineage… and he was not to stop me, when I was ready to take up the profession…

    Looks like I was meant to do this work. It was my Purpose! It was my Destiny!

    And who am I? I’m Biravar. I’ve been a Practicing Chaldean Numerologist with over 15 years of experience and I’m a 4th Generation Healer and Divinity Practitioner of Mantic Arts. I’ve consulted thousands of people from all walks of life and I’ve helped them:

    • Solve Marital Issues
    • Gain More Monetary Wealth
    • Resolve Health Issues

    … by identifying their lucky numbers and lucky dates, changing their names into lucky ones, changing their signatures to resonate with their purposeful vibrations and giving them spiritual advice to align them to their path of least resistance toward, Health, Wealth and Prosperity.

    Here’s what some of my clients said:

    "I’m Glad To Have Found Numerology!"

    “I came to see you last May, to do readings on myself and my son.  I just wanted to thank you for opening this door for me.  I have taken into account many of the things you said, I also try to study numerology when I have time, though I am also taking computer courses and taking care of my two kids, so don't spend that much time on it, but now when I meet people, I make it a point to find out their birthdays, and I found it very interesting as to the people I gravitate to. Anyway, I have the felt the need to thank you again. If you are ever in the New York region, please let me know.”  

    Karen Szymanski--- New York, USA

    "Thanks For Helping Me Find Direction!"

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    I was lost when I came to see you, you told me it was because of time that I have to go through this situation, you ask me to hold on for 6 months and you changed my signature, well I striked lottery 3 times within the 6 month period, was it your signature change? Now I have my own business, and am comfortable with life.” 
    William, Singapore

    "It Worked In Mysterious Ways!"

    “Changes start happening from the day I changed my signature, I was awarded a scholarship for my studies, from my distant cousin.”
    Laxmikanth, Glasgow, Scotland

    "I Finally Found Out What I Was Meant To Do!"

    “Your Numerology Report was an eye opener for me. I did not realize that I had a writing geniuswithin me. Now I am a writer and a speaker.”  
    James Guna, Ipoh, Malaysia

    "Lucky Numbers And Lucky Dates Helped My Career!"

    “Numerology has definitely helped me a lot in my career. By following the lucky dates, I’m able to see great changes in my life, I’m on my way to my success. Thanks.” 

    - K Saljit, Singapore


    "You’ve Made Me A More Confident Person!"

    “Now I know my directions in my life, where I am heading towards, I feel more confident and satisfied....” 
    Esther Woo, Robie was saying, ... in the savage new glamor-tint we have christened Mars Blood, complete with spray applicator and fit-all fingerstalls that mask each finger completely except for the nail. A hoarse voice broke through the static: This is Adelaide Six-Five-One.
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    And still later it crept close to the man and caught the scent of death. That were a long time ago, and I were too bug-eyed to pay attention.

    "Life Has Improved. Thanks To Your Advice!"

    “It has been 20 months since I've consulted you. Strange enough, life has improved... I believe it to be the results of your advice, thank you. For now, I thankful to be living a simple, happy and enriching life...”
    Caryn Ng, Singapore

    As the Numerology saying goes:

    “If your Name and Signature is in tune with your Date of Birth, You should be able to solve 75% of your present issues…. The rest depends on the Karma you brought with you into this life”

    Let me be a little more Spiritually “Deep” here. You see…

    “A Soul taking birth in this Earth Plane is put here to experience the positives and negatives he has accumulated in his past 100 lives…”

    Certain Karmic effects can be changed… certain cannot be changed…

    For example, a Mango Seed will reap Mango fruits. This is a law of nature and it is fixed… but how this seed blossoms into a fruitful tree, providing an abundance of juicy mangoes depends on a few factors… the environment and the fertilizer that the tree absorbs. You cannot change the environment but you can change the nutrition going into the plant.

    Chaldean Numerology is that fertilizer. If you “ingest” these fertilizers properly, you’ll at least get a proper tree.

    By applying the Science of Chaldean Numerology in your life, you should get enough peace, money, health and good relationships to sustain your life.

    I cannot guarantee that you’ll become the richest person in the world or become a healthy person overnight but one thing I can assure you is that:

    “The doors to your solutions will be opened immediately to solve your problems when you apply the sacred science of Chaldean Numerology.”


    Believe me, I know what you are going through because I've been in the EXACT same spot you're in right now...

    I remember the unlucky days, the lack of opportunities... the love of my life wanting to leave me… the loss of direction… the self-sabotaging… the trying and trying of various careers, businesses and jobs… trying to find that magical decision… the constant agony… pondering about What Should I Do With My Life?

    But it's not like that for me anymore.

    Ever since I found my soul’s purpose (which can be determined through your date and time of birth) and aligning to that purpose… I’ve been lucky in life, love and business, fully congruent with what I do and I’m grateful to being able to help so many people gain more luck in their life, career, love and health

    Everyday I’m grateful too that my skill as a Chaldean Numerologist is enhanced by the different clients who come to see me, presenting different issues to be resolved. Ultimately, I’m glad that the Science of Chaldean Numerology has been showing consistency in its results and changing the lives of my clients for the better.

    In my ebook, I'll cover in detail the things I do to help my clients find their lucky numbers, identify their lucky dates and align themselves to receive the abundance and providence of the universe, using Chaldean Numerology.


    "With a bit of help, you can Become Lucky in Life, Career, Love and Health! … Perhaps you could even get lucky at lottery!"


    I had previously wondered why I didn't align myself with Numerology earlier. I had wondered that perhaps my life would have been much better earlier... and I need not have suffered so much for so long. But that's a thing of history now. I’ve grateful that I didn’t wait too long.

    When I finally started to take some action to calculate my lucky numbers, lucky dates, find my soul’s purpose, find my real self, identify my lucky name, sign my lucky signature etc… I fixed my “unluckiness” and I now help other do the same.

    Over the years, I’ve studied the various disciplines in Numerology and Astrology, refined my skills as a Chaldean Numerologist. Meditated, Chanted and Practiced these skills on Real People…

    I’m please to say that I’m now ready to provide you great value in helping you align yourself, with the knowledge and wisdom presented in my ebook. I’m confident that it’ll aid you in your journey towards self fulfillment in all major aspects of your life.

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  • Then she keyed the message, and got a trim, blond female with spectacular good looks.

    And YOU don't have to go through the 15 years of learning that I went through -- I've done the groundwork for you! I’ve even Tried, Tested on Real People and Achieved Positive Results for my clients. As a result, you're about to learn these simple but proven ways that can help you identify your lucky numbers and help you make your life more lucky and purposeful!

    Am I saying that you'll get lucky, rich, healthy overnight?

    No, of course not.

    As I mentioned before, some things can be changed and some things cannot... because of Karma.

    But what I am saying is if you allow Chaldean Numerology to become your “fertilizer” to help you nurture your life into that “fruitful mango tree”, you too can be on your path to allow the solutions to your life to present themselves easily and opportunistically.

    When you apply the knowledge written in my ebook to your life, you’ll start to see the doors to your solutions open up and unfold progressively in your life. And a while later, start to feel lucky...

    And eventually start to manifest lucky events and opportunities in your life...

    Well, you read the headline. After a period of time, you could Receive Health, Wealth and Prosperity with Chaldean Numerology...

    And you and the people in your life will start to noticed the difference in you!


    "Why are my tips a time and money saving way to help you start to become more lucky and start manifesting good things in your life...

    ... and why I've decided to share them with YOU?"

    That's because...

    I feel that EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT to Abundance, Joy, Fulfillment and Prosperity. We live in an Abundant Universe! I know that ignorance has caused some unlucky days in people’s lives and I know that all it takes is some basic alignments in one’s life… and they’ll be able to lead a smoother, happier, peaceful life.

    My tips have been proven -- over and over -- to be some of the very best ways to start aligning your life towards the good things that are waiting to come your way!

    And the best thing about them is...

    • You don't need to spend a lot of money
    • You don't need to be an expert on Chaldean Numerology or Lucky Numbers
    • You don't need to spend a lot of time
    • You don't need to risk your health
    • You'll find out about what helps you immediately

    And better still, one of the most important reasons people are in love with these tips is because they get peace from an “unluckiness” problem that bugs them everyday!

    Once you download your copy of my exclusive eBook, which I've called "Numerology and Your Prosperity", you'll discover EXACTLY what you need to do to start manifesting your best life right away!

    I truly believe that everyone deserves a fulfilled life! :-)

    Well, The Biggest Benefits you'll receive through purchasing "Numerology and Your Prosperity" are:


    • You get to Learn About Chaldean Numerology
    • Why Chaldean Numerology works better than other types of Numerology
    • You’ll know how to identify Your Lucky Number
    • You’ll know what is Significant about your Lucky Number
    • You’ll know how to calculate your Destiny, Personality, Soul, Purpose Numbers
    • You’ll know how to Overcome Unlucky Dates
    • You’ll learn how to Overcome Challenges
    • You'll find out about Love Compatibility
    • You’ll know how to align yourself to your Best Suited Career
    • You’ll get a sense of Purpose and Direction
    • You’ll learn about Your Lucky Colours
    • You’ll learn about Your Lucky Birth Stones
    • You’ll learn about Lucky Lottery
    • You’ll know How Numerology Can Change Your Life For The Better
    • Attain more Peace in your Life


    Ebook Cover


    "I'll be blunt: I want YOUR business!"

    Here's something else you should know about me...

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    Over the last 15 years, I’ve learned from various Masters and applied their teachings to my daily life. I’ve also practiced diligently on my clients, refining my skills as a Chaldean Numerologist and in the process, I helped changed the lives of many for the better.

    I've easily spent over $10,000 and 15 years of Constant and Never Ending Improvement just to get to this stage of refinement, bringing me to this level of intuitive excellence. Believe me when I tell you… I’m good at what I do!

    If you are like me, who are willing to spend lots of money on education, exploration, experimentation and refinement, that's fine with me. Go ahead with my blessings.


    If you are that person who does not want to spend too much time and money with experimentation and want to have your life "Calibrated” by an Master Chaldean Numerologist, receiving the full benefits of what the Universe has in stall for you IMMEDIATELY!

    I invite you to purchase my ebook.

    Having spent so much money on the personal growth and refinement process, I know that charging $197 or even $497 would be a bonus to you.


    Because I know that you're serious about aligning yourself to receive the Abundance that you deserve, and I want this to be a win-win situation between you and me,

    I've decided to put a very reasonable price of just $69.97 on this eBook. It's enough to prove to me that you're serious about Your Destiny to Receive Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Happiness -- but with the cost of promoting this eBook, I'll likely just break even but that's fine.

    I think that's a fair trade.

    But just to sweeten the pot, I've ALSO decided to include THREE very practical FREE super bonuses that will give you additional tips and advice on how you can Enhance Your Good Luck and Receive Good Fortune.


    "3 Additional SUPER BONUS
    Worth $138.00... yours FREE

    ...just for trying my tips!"

    If you order my book before midnight today!


    Bonus #1 - "How To Use The Law Of Attraction" Valued at $46  


    Bonus #2 - "The Art Of Astrology – How To Make And Read Horoscopes" Valued at $46




    Bonus #3 - "Meditation – The Guide To Self-Enlightenment" Valued at $46 


    "You literally have NOTHING to lose when you try these advices!"



    If you're still not 100% satisfied with the advice presented in my ebook, let me put you completely at ease with my satisfaction guarantee...

    If you use the advice in my ebook and it does not effectively help you save time in aligning you to your lucky numbers, help you get an understanding of how to set your life according to your lucky numbers and help you gain more clarity about your life direction, attracting better luck into your life, relationships and career, just let me know.

    If you give me 1 piece of advice on how to improve my ebook, I will INSTANTLY send you an immediate refund... even if it's 6 months from today, I'll even let you keep the $138.00 worth of bonuses as my thanks for giving my tips a try...

    It's that simple.

    "Begin Your Journey to DISCOVER YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS Right Now..."

    The choice is yours: You either want to live a better life, gain more wealth and prosperity, have better relationships and luck or you don't. If you don't, all the best with whatever it is that you choose to do.

    But if you're serious about aligning your life to receive the best of what the Universe has in stall for you, then you really only have one choice. Whip out your wallet, and invest the $69.97. You've literally got NOTHING to lose.

    But remember...

    ... the longer you wait, the longer you will be living in a life where you do not receive the best of what you should be receiving. Completely Unnecessary.

    So let's get started.

    This ebook is going to be available Right Now and as a Special Offer, you'll get my "Chaldean Numerology For Prosperity" at an IRRESISTABLE OFFER of Only $19.98 !!!

    Come March the price will be increased to $69.97, so invest now to get a whopping 57% Savings!!!
    Ebook Cover


    Numerology For Prosperity $69.97
    Bonus 1 - How To Use The Law of Attraction $46.00
    Bonus 2 - The Art Of Astrology $46.00

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    Sol did not activate his own imager, eager to get rid of the caller.
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  • However, he was not left long in doubt as to its character, for the next twang brought him up to his tiptoes with both hands grasping the side of his face.
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    First, the Council will not have them in the civilized lands. She struggled back to her feet just as Max reached her.

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    When they turn out the lights, you - 'Let me out of here!

    Bonus 3 - Meditation - Guide To Enlightenment
    Total Value: 207.97
    You invest only: $19.98
    YOU SAVE............................... $187.99!
    Plus 6 Months Money Back Guarantee  
    Special offer before March $19.98!

    Remember: If you're not thrilled with my "Chaldean Numerology For Prosperity", just let me know within the next 6 months, get your refund, and keep the $138.00 Super Bonus Package -- that's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.

    So Go Ahead! Click on the “Buy Now” Button and start living a Life of Abundance and Prosperity!

    Towards A Life of Unlimited Prosperity,

     Kumar SigAndrewSig

     S Uthayakumar Biravar,                         Andrew Tan,
     Master Numerologist                             The Abundant Achiever 


    P.S. -- If you want to Become A Lucky Person... if you want More Health, Wealth and Prosperity... If you want to Leave a Lasting Legacy for You and Your Loved Ones... if you want to Align Yourself to Your Lucky Numbers, Change Your Life For The Better, Receive Unlimited Good Luck and Abundance, the only way you can do it is to gain the knowledge from someone who's already done it.

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